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Regional Student Advisory Committee (RSAC)

The Regional Student Advisory Committee (RSAC) is a group of self-determined young people who bring the student voice and perspective to our statewide work for transition planning. Their input is used to improve resources created by the Student-Centered Transitions Network (SCTN).


How does it work?

Educators from across Texas apply to serve as educator sponsors for the RSAC

Each educator sponsor selects up to 10 students in their district or charter school who represent the school's diversity (cultural, linguistic, and ability). The educator sponsor schedules and facilitates four meetings per year (twice each semester) with agendas that vary in length between 1-2 hours. Applications are shared with educators through the SCTN newsletter.


Who can join RSAC?

Students who participate in RSAC:

  • Have self-advocacy skills to contribute feedback about agenda items, using their preferred communication method
  • Discuss their participation in RSAC with family members or supporters, as appropriate
  • Represent their region of Texas


What happens during RSAC meetings?

The SCTN develops agendas and shares them with educator sponsors. These agendas include videos introducing each topic during the meeting, questions to ask RSAC members, and links to submit feedback from the group discussion.  

During RSAC meetings, students share their thoughts and opinions about the topics on the agenda. Educator sponsors can expand the discussion and share additional resources, as appropriate.


What happens to the feedback from RSAC members?

After each meeting, the educator sponsor submits feedback to SCTN. This feedback includes notes from their RSAC meeting discussion. Student names and other personal information are kept confidential from the SCTN.

The SCTN compiles feedback from educator sponsors and other data, such as the number of students and regions represented, into a report submitted to TEA each year.  


How can I get involved in RSAC?

Students, families, and supporters: Ask the Transition & Employment Services Designee (TED) for your district whether an RSAC is currently in session in your local district. If there is no educator sponsor, ask about other ways to use your self-determination skills, such as mentoring other students or joining advocacy groups.


TEDs and other educators: Ask the SCTN contact from your ESC about the application process to become an educator sponsor.


Community members, including higher education: Contact a member of the SCTN leadership team to discuss ways to support RSAC groups and educator sponsors in your area.


Local Education Agencies (LEA): If your LEA needs volunteer support, contact the Garrett Center and they will work to locate student volunteers from a college or university. To contact the Garrett Center call 936-294-2429.